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Corporate Gifting Etiquette in Dubai: Dos and Don'ts for Businesses

Posted Date : 09 April 2024
Corporate Gifting Etiquette in Dubai: Dos and Don'ts for Businesses

Corporate Gifting Etiquette in Dubai: Dos and Don'ts for Businesses

Posted Date : 09 April 2024

Corporate gifting in Dubai is essential and acts as an invaluable part of building healthy relationships among businesses in the United Arab Emirates. However, to achieve such a goal, it is paramount to understand various aspects of the basic practices surrounding corporate gifts in the country. The blog ‘Corporate Gifting Etiquette in Dubai: Dos and Don'ts for Businesses’, discusses in detail some of the essential do’s and don’ts of corporate gifts presented to Dubai citizens by the top corporate gifts suppliers UAE. It also emphasizes the need to respect and adhere to their beliefs and culture as well. These matters can also greatly influence a business trip or meeting to have a successful outcome.

Why is Corporate Gifting Important?

Gone are the days when corporate gifting was given as a token of appreciation. Now, they are an integral part of corporate business culture. The gifting symbolizes respect, and gratitude, and builds goodwill between businesses, clients, and employees. However, this territory certainly demands a deep understanding of cultural sensitivity, company policies, and individual preferences as well. So, let’s take a look at the do’s and don’ts when it comes to corporate gifting in Dubai.

Do’s and Don’ts for Corporate Gifting in Dubai

Let’s discuss in detail some of the ‘must do’ etiquettes you need to follow and the ‘don’t’ you need to steer clear away from corporate gifting in Dubai.

5 Dos for Corporate gift giving etiquette

Any corporate gift must take into account the culture of Dubai. Carefully chosen gifts that are culturally sensitive are essential for a successful business deal. Remembering the dos and don’ts will maximize your chances of pleasing the recipient and cementing business relationships there. Now, take a look at some of the etiquettes you need to follow while making the corporate gifting decision.

  • Know Your Recipient

Learning about your recipient’s cultural background, preferences, and taboos before buying a gift shows your interest in who they are and how they like things. Personalizing your gift by getting to know the person aligns with the reason for the gift: to be sincere and thoughtful for the sake of the receiver.  Make sure to not give any items that will offend their religion/beliefs etc. 

  • Follow Company Guidelines

In Dubai, it is essential to follow company guidelines when giving corporate gifts uae. Such is important as they promote uniformity and respect when giving gifts. When organizations abide by their already existing policies and procedures, they protect themselves from arising conflict of interest issues and showcase transparency and ethical duties. Besides, it also promotes a positive image of the company as well.

  • Respect Cultural Sensitivity

It needs to be reiterated that it’s important to take into consideration cultural sensitivity during corporate gifting in the UAE. Respect their religious and cultural traditions. You can give meaningful gifts that honor traditions and foster inclusion to celebrate occasions like Ramadan, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi etc.

  • Timing

Picking the right time matters when giving corporate gifts. Whether it's a holiday, a milestone, or a big achievement, timing makes the gesture more meaningful. ​ It also strengthens the appreciation and leaves a positive impression.

  •  Quality over Quantity 

It is very important to adopt quality instead of quantity for global and local corporate gifting because giving top-notch gifts sends a message and creates a competitive edge in the UAE’s business culture. There are many helpful things you can select for yourself and your company such as high-end products, expensive items, and branded products from Mardiny. Give not only recipients but also yourself a forward momentum that drives success by using high-quality and branded products to strengthen your business connections.

5 Don'ts for Corporate gift giving etiquette

  • Avoid Overspending

The purpose of corporate gifting is to show respect and appreciation. It should not be a time when you should be spending lavishly or being extravagant. Keep in mind to stay away from giving out flamboyant or lavish presents that could be viewed as excessive or improper. Excessive gift-giving might make the receiver feel uncomfortable or ashamed and could be interpreted as an attempt to exert pressure or ask for favors. 

  • Say ‘No’ to Religious or Political Symbols  

You need to be very careful about choosing gifts from your corporate entities and stay away from any items that might have a religious significance or a political message, as these topics are sensitive for the UAE. So do not gift anything that might be related to religion or to a violation of human rights, which might offend your Emirati business partner or create misunderstandings.

  • Don't Expect Reciprocity

In the United Arab Emirates, the fundamental purpose of corporate gifting is not instant return but rather the development of long-term connections and goodwill. Recipients shouldn't be put under excessive obligation to return gifts or get quick returns on what they have invested. Instead, make sure to concentrate on forming connections and keeping a sincere attitude of gratitude and kindness. 

  • Don't go for Generic/ Impersonal Gifts

Don’t opt for corporate gifts for the sake of gifting. Because it is easily identifiable by the recipient. A gift should be meaningful and thoughtful. Don’t even for the generic gift basket you can grab from a shopping mall. It will show your ingenuity and lack of thoughtfulness etc.

  • Don’t go overboard with self-promotion

Although your business's identity is heavily reliant on branding, refrain from overtly promoting yourself in your presence. Allow the level of quality and consideration of your gift to speak volumes about the values and principles of your company.

Corporate Gifting With Mardiny

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